5LB. SLEDGE is a Southern CT Hard Rock and Metal Band forged over a bed of hot coals, pounded in to Cold Steel. An aggressive, rude, obnoxious, say what you want attitude of writing. Songs inspired by actual accounts and life events. A unique blend of Hard Rock, Punk and Metal with a Raw Groove. From rib crushing riffs and battle torn percussion to good time party anthems. You'll find yourself singing along to catchy hooks and fist pumping rhythms with soaring vocals, heavy guitar, pounding bass and driving drums, 5LB SLEDGE is for you.

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2015 Year in Review  

As 2015 comes to a close we take some time to reflect on our year.  5LB SLEDGE has had plenty of accomplishments, changes and growing pains.  We launched our self titled album 5LB SLEDGE to start the year.  Unfortunately, the venue that was selected as our CD release event was asked by the Town to host an event at the last minute that same evening.  Our 5LB SLEDGE "House Party Giveaway" was a great success.  Bill Iselin was our winner and generous host of an awesome house party.  We all had a great time with some wonderful old and new friends who joined us at Bill's Birthday Bash!  After the party it was announced that Aaron Jager our Lead Guitarist would be leaving 5LB SLEDGE.  The announcement was broadcasted with Jim and Glen's first Radio Interview on Metal Devastation Radio.  With a gig on its way with "Third Knuckle" in Quincy Mass, our good friend Jeff Keck rose to the occasion and joined 5LB SLEDGE playing guitar and backing vocals.  Soon after Jeff announced that he could only join 5LB SLEDGE for a short while.  This brings the band full circle with our next guitarist joining 5LB SLEDGE Scott Little one of the founding member of 5LB SLEDGE which started in 2000 that put the last puzzle piece in its place.  The universe was now in order. 

After years of playing and writing music it was an incredible year. We have played some great venues with some great bands.  Our songs have been played thousands of times on Radio Stations all over the world.  5LB SLEDGE has been played on Spotify since our CD launch this year 14,957 times as of today..

We would like to thank all our friends, family and fans who have supported us through this year.  We appreciate you all!  Thank you! 


5LB SLEDGE teamed up with The Thunderhead Show on Metal Devastation Radio last night for a look behind the music.  Jim and Glen of 5LB SLEDGE gave an hour long interview talking about the bands history and creation along with many out takes from the past, friends and shows.  We spoke about a few of our songs on our self titled CD 5LB SLEDGE and look forward to doing more interview and commentary's.  If you missed it click the link below and hear our unedited version of 5LB SLEDGE's interview.

End of Summer 

So what's next for 5 LB SLEDGE?  After a long summer of endless gigs a cross Connecticut 5 LB SLEDGE is taking October to complete our awaited CD.  So what do we all do till then you ask.  Check out some great Radio Stations playing 5 LB SLEDGE on our Events Page and show your support for our band.  This Thursday 10/16/2014 we are honored to be accepted for airplay on Philly Rock Radio out of Philadelphia PA. Their station is broadcasted in Philly and South Jersey on the airwaves or can be tuned in a cross the world via internet at PhillyRockRadio.com Our song "110" will debut  on "The Saloon Rock Club" show starting at 7pm.  Rock on!

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